Volume 2, Issue 10

October 2013

Blue Ridge Conference

Thank you to all our 2013 Conference Participants!

 Connecting on the Mountain

We live in a world of constant connectivity with hundreds of TV channels, cell phones, note pads, computers, Internet, the cloud, and email.  Information overload abounds!  Our technology-rich culture provides an almost endless source of information and entertainment through machines which contribute to a lack of human contact, and as a result some of us are losing the ability to effectively communicate.  It is a sad day when individuals are diagnosed with disorders like Internet addiction and our vocabulary contains terms such as “screen sucking”.

The Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership provides a different kind of connectivity where participants can connect with nature, themselves, and hundreds of other conference participants!  Attendance at Blue Ridge provides an opportunity to step away from the digital world for a while and reconnect with life.  Attendance at the Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership is relaxing, it provides a time for reflection, allows you to meet new people, and get reacquainted with old friends.  You learn more about yourself as you hear stories and lessons from other accomplished leaders. 

If there was a common thread through all of the keynote and breakout sessions, it was YOU!

  • YOU are the only person you can change.  You may be able to influence others, but they have to change themselves.
  • Be the best YOU can be!  Don’t do the least you can do.  Do the most you can do!
  • Apply what YOU learn.  Don’t store it away.  Live it!
  • Time is your most valuable resource.  If YOU don’t take it, someone or something will take it from you.
  • Do what matters most to YOU.  Learn to say no.
  • Be accountable.  YOU are your own supervisor. 
  • Don’t hold grudges.  They hurt YOU more than the other person.
  • Know your weaknesses.  Know what motivates YOU.
  • Be a good listener.  Don’t just hear…LISTEN!  Be present.
  • Be willing to compromise.  It’s not always about winning.

Most of us already knew these great lessons, but sometimes we just need to be reminded. 

Today’s world is a different place than it was when many of us were growing up.  Some of the differences are good and some are not so good.  We hear people complaining every day about the state-of-the-world.  At the end of the conference a question was asked, “Can one person change the world?” and the crowd answered with a resounding, “YES!”  We can change the world, but to do so we have to be the change we want to see in the world.  Ask yourself, what more can I do? Because it all begins with YOU! 

If you missed the 2013 conference, mark your calendar for 2014!  YOU don’t want to miss it!

Stephanie Mason

Board Member, Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership
Human Resource Manager/Safety Director, Dunn Building Company


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