Volume 2, Issue 11

November 2013

Blue Ridge Conference


The 2013 conference on the mountain was a great event in many aspects.  There were great speakers and Black Mountain, North Carolina, is a great location.  New friends were made, along with the enjoyment of seeing familiar faces and reconnecting with old friends. 

I am still reading through my notes that are full of ideas, hopes, and plans for being a better leader and a better me.  The simple challenge question from John O'Leary, “What one more thing can you do,”  continues to resound in my mind.  In this day and age where we are already over-committed and over-extended to the point that we rarely dive deep into issues while flying fast on the surface of life, I am being challenged to do one more thing? Seriously, do more?  Well actually, I like it!  I like the notion that we are challenged to go beyond what is easy and expected in order to make a significant contribution solely for the purpose of placing someone else's need above my own. 

Making a difference by asking ourselves what is the one more thing that I can do is the first step towards making us better leaders, better friends, better parents, and better spouses.  No disrespect to those who advocate unloading and delegating more, but to make a significant impact in someone else’s life we have to do it ourselves.  Besides, don’t we want our team to do their jobs with excellence and do that one more thing that makes the finished product incredible? 

Then let’s expect it of ourselves, too.  Determine if there is one more thing you and only you can do today to make a difference in someone else's day or life.  Good luck and just do it.

Hal Wadsworth

Board Member, Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership
Birmingham Division - Marketing                                                            Alabama Power Company


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