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May 2014

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October 8 - 10, 2014

Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership

Black Mountain, NC

Getting Along With Others in the Workplace Makes for a Stress Free Environment

How well do you get along with your co-workers?  If you are like most people, there are those colleagues that you naturally gravitate towards and then there are those that it will take a little more effort to cohabitate with in the workplace.

Many years ago I came across a very simple set of principles that I would like to share with you.  I like to call them my “Seven Essential Truths to Personal Success”…..and here they are:

1. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.
If you maintain this mental posture in your daily journey, you will realize that not every decision or discussion has to result in a personal win for you.  The ability to compromise, and to learn from each situation that you engage in, will provide you with a great deal of satisfaction if you are open-minded and allow the transformation to take place.

2. You cannot beware of something until you are first aware of it.
When you first hear this statement, your natural tendency is to say, “What in the world does that mean?”  I strongly advocate that everyone take a personality assessment.  There are many on the market that are very good.  Each and every one of us is “hard wired” in a certain way.  Because human beings are creatures of predictable patterns and behaviors, it is incumbent upon us to know how our personality will react and interact with other people, and certain situations, that we will encounter in our day.  By having this knowledge it gives us the tools to cope better, and to diffuse those situations that would otherwise be stressful. 

3. You do not see the world as they are……you see the world as you are.
This third essential truth goes hand in hand with number two.  If you know that you are an outgoing people person and that the person that you are interacting with is a reserved task driven person, then naturally you will not see the world in the same way.  By understanding this simple principle, it helps us to have an open mind and realize that everyone “brings something to the table”.  Accepting this principle goes a long way in beginning to understand that diversity in the workplace can be a very powerful tool that will breed more successful teamwork and less stress.

4. People do not do things against you, they do things for themselves.
I hope that you are beginning to realize how all of these “essential truths” tie together.  All work places will have those very dominate, driving individuals who would rather bulldoze their way through you rather than work with you.  Sometimes these individuals will need to be reminded that this type of attitude is not conducive to a stress free work place.  But my point in this bullet statement is to realize that because of our hard wiring some individuals will have no clue that their words or actions were hurtful or caused any stress for those whom their paths crossed.  They will simple see it as something that they needed to accomplish to make their day a success, and you must not take it personally.

5. We are in this world for approximately 75 years to do only three things:  to learn, to grow, and to share.
It really does not matter what your vocation or avocation is……everything you do can be capsuled into these three things. If we are to work together in a stress free environment then we must adhere to these three very simple infinitive phrases.  Make it a personal creed to adhere to these each day and you will be amazed at how much lower your stress level becomes.

6. Our main goal in life should be not to label, categorize, pigeonhole, discriminate, or downplay any human being. Instead it should be to completely understand others and ourselves.
So many times the stress level at work is related to misunderstandings in communication or actions.  Because we are very complex individuals, and each of us have been shaped by our past experiences, “up bringing”, education, faith, (and on and on), we begin to form opinions about others early in life.  Our expectations or perceptions of the way that other people should react and respond to our communication can be very different than what actually occurs.  Your stress level can be greatly decreased if you embrace the differences that make each of us unique.

7. Some of your greatest successes will come from strengthening your weakest personality trait.
I believe that this last point really sums it all up.  After you have taken a personality assessment and realize what your weakest personality trait is, and begin to strengthen it, you will find some of your richest life rewards and some of your greatest successes.  For in the value of trying to enhance those personality traits that do not come to us naturally, not only do we begin to unleash the inner powers that we have to change…..but we begin to understand those who are completely opposite to us.  Here in lies the magic of getting along in a stress free workplace.

I wish for each of you many successes in your life journey.

“Some of your greatest successes will come from strengthening your weakest personality trait.”

Jeff Thompson
Global HR Manager
Coats and Clark


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