Volume 2, Issue 5

May 2013

Blue Ridge Conference


October 9 - 11, 2013

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What Are You Making?

I recently heard a tremendous speaker challenge his audience with this one question… “Are you making a difference or are you (just) making a point?” It caught me off guard as I had to slow down and spend some time pondering. You see, we are all making something... a career, a future, a plan, and the list could go on and on, but are we seizing the opportunities we have to invest in others on a level that truly makes a difference in their lives? For some, this question is easy to answer, but for others, it may cause us to really assess our influence.

Making a difference often requires something of us, like our time, our money, our intentionality. It requires us to focus on others instead of ourselves. It compels us to lift others up and invest on a level that challenges us to get outside of our comfort zone.

As I thought about these two statements, I couldn’t help but think of how different they are in nature. Making a point is about me contributing some knowledge and experience to someone else or proving something. Though this is not inherently a bad thing, we often try to do this without the invitation from others or before we have earned the right. Making a difference means that I must look at an individual on a deeper level, more than what meets the eye.  I must find a way to reach/lead each person that is unique to whom they are. It goes to the core of who a person is and how they operate, far beyond information sharing and knowledge comparison.

As I was challenged by this leader, I challenge you to stop and think about how you would answer the question. “Are you making a difference or making a point?” I challenge you to be intentional about making a difference. Choose to invest… and see the difference you can make.


Melissa Hambrick Jackson

Board Member, Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership                              COO, The Enrichment Center Group, Eagle Consulting





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