Volume 3, Issue 3

March 2014

Blue Ridge Conference



October 8 - 10, 2014

Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership

Black Mountain, NC


Successfully coaching your team members is perhaps your most important role as a leader. Implementing a simple coaching model called Where, Now, Next will help you greatly in this important role.

This coaching process is based on a simple three-stage model for continuous improvement, which you can use as a guide during formal and informal coaching situations. As you can guess from the name of the model, there are three basic questions to ask when coaching:

  • Where are you going? This question introduces the clarity phase which helps the people you are coaching clarify what they are trying to achieve and how success will be measured.
  • Where are you now? The learning phase; this question helps those who are coached understand where they are now and how they got to this point.
  • What do you have to do next? This question launches the improvement phase and helps people identify the best options for improvement and how to act upon them.

Many people tend to want to start with Now first.  The benefit of starting with Where is that it encourages a more positive and ambitious view of the future, and brings clarity in terms of the goal the person wants or needs to achieve.  Visualization is an important technique – building a vision of the future helps us to achieve it in reality.

Once Where and Now are answered, the gap between desired and current performance comes into contrast. A key tool to help with Next is writing SMART objectives – a checklist that helps make sure well-defined and measurable objectives, which will achieve real success, are established. Where, Now, Next helps generate clear action steps based on an understanding of the gap that needs to be closed between the present and future performance level.

You can also use Where, Now, Next to facilitate discussions upwards - at a strategic level with a management team (with any team for that matter) and even your boss!

I hope this simple model helps you lead and coach your team to greater heights.


Gary Droghini

Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership Board Member
Global Talent & Learning


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