Volume 1, Issue 3

March 2012

Blue Ridge Conference


Manage Your Energy For Improved Productivity

Across the country we hear of more demands being placed on workforces for ever-higher performance. In trying to comply, people put in more hours at the office but in many cases, that has not worked. Longer days don't work because time is a limited resource. Personal energy, however, is renewable and can be increased by establishing rituals to help replenish your energy. In the article, “Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time”, written by Tony Schwartz and Catherine McCarthy in the October 2007 Harvard Business Review, they say that helping employees replenish their energy can build workers' physical, emotional and mental resilience. Studies have shown rituals that rejuvenate energy have benefits that go straight to your bottom line.

Participants in a Wachovia Bank energy renewal program boosted revenues 13% over the control group in one year. To re-energize your workforce, you need to shift your emphasis from getting more out of people to investing more in them in order to motivate them and engage them to bring more of themselves to work every day.

Some energy renewing rituals cited by the article include:

  • Establishing an earlier bedtime
  • Reduce stress by exercising
  • Take short breaks at 90-120 minute intervals
  • Fuel positive emotions by regularly expressing appreciation in detailed terms
  • Reduce interruptions for tasks that require your focus
  • Respond to email and voice mail at designated times instead of all day
  • Every night, identify the most important challenge for the next day and do it first

What if we create a new ritual: "Organizations invest in their help them build and sustain their value and individuals respond by bringing wholeheartedly to work every day. Both grow in value as a result."

Kay Bennett, VP Human Resources Baptist Health and Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership Marketing Chair

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