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Volume 1, Issue 7

July 2012

Blue Ridge Conference

There is an epidemic sweeping through our companies and our culture."

- Dr. Larry Little


October 10 - 12, 2012

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The Epidemic

There is an epidemic sweeping through our companies and our culture. It is deadly and threatens to destroy the very fabric of strong effective leadership. It is raging out of control spreading to more and more leaders. The disease of which I am referring is called entitlement and we are in the midst of the Entitlement Era. Common symptoms include the unwarranted ideas: “I deserve this,” “I want that,” and “I'm not going to do more than is required,” or “I'm going to do what is best for me.”

Notice that this narcissistic disease can be defined by the overuse of the word “I.” Those who practice entitlement tend to see the world from a skewed view centered on their wants and desires. They are unfamiliar with hard work and they are convinced that others owe them. Their thought process is consumed with what others can do for them. This attitude is the antithesis of effective leadership.

The good news is that we can change course. The antidote for entitlement is personal responsibility. True leaders understand the concept of working hard, investing in others, and taking responsibility for their own behavior. They lead with the big picture in mind and realize that taking reasonable risks and accepting appropriate responsibility for those risks are the foundation for growth and leading well. They do not blame or expect others to fulfill their wants and desires, instead they lead others and they lead themselves—and they Make a Difference.

Larry Little, Phd, LPC, NBCC

Blue Ridge Board Member & Executive Director, Eagle Consulting, LLC




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