Volume 2, Issue 8

August 2013

Blue Ridge Conference


October 9 - 11, 2013

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The Meeting

The meeting was with the new leadership team for this large highly technical corporation. The CEO had worked for months to develop the strategy that would be the infrastructure in leading his company into the future. The ones around the table were there because of his trust and investment in each of them. I would expect the meeting to be highly strategic with the well thought out plans for the future discussed. I would have guessed that the meeting would be full of goals, expectations, action items and timelines. I would have thought the CEO would have communicated what a great opportunity each person had to be seated around the table in this meeting. And I would have been totally wrong on all counts.


The CEO instead took the opportunity to thank each member personally for his/her willingness to serve others and to take on the responsibility of leading the team through the next season of growth. He told them that he appreciated their sacrifice and the hard work that they were committed to doing for their fellow employees. Instead of talking about strategy, tactical goals, metrics, or financial expectations, he lead by exemplifying the values of the company. In his words "While we are a highly technical company, we have always and will continue to focus on our people. It is part of our culture and our identity. Thank you for leading us in this effort."  


When leading one of the  most important meetings in the life of his company, this leader led with gratitude .....and he taught me a valuable lesson. Leading begins with sincere appreciation for those who choose to support and lead with you. When we become too focused on the tactics, we loose our ability to lead well. How long has it been since we offered authentic appreciation to our team? Choose to lead with gratitude and you will Make A Difference.


Dr. Larry Little, LPC, NCC

Board Member, Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership
CEO, The Enrichment Group and Noted Author


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