Volume 1, Issue 4

April 2012

Blue Ridge Conference


October 10 - 12, 2012

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"The value of an idea lies in using it." - Thomas Alva Edison

There is so much truth in this statement; we become what we do, not what we think about doing. It is the application of our knowledge that makes us into the exceptional men and women that we were born to be.

As a college professor I tell my students there are three levels of learning; head knowledge, heart knowledge, and hand knowledge. Hand knowledge is knowledge that has trickled all the way down from that mushy grey matter in your cranium and comes out of your hands, a real tangible action.

To me the most important aspect of learning is the application. What good is all of this study and high level hypothesizing on leadership if it does not impact our actions as a leader? As my Grandfather once said to me while I was standing with my hands on my hips, pontificating on the best way to move a very large refrigerator out of the back of a moving truck, “You gotta put your hands on it son. You’re not going to think it out of the truck.” Wiser words may never have been spoken in reference to leadership. There is a time for thinking, learning and strategizing about the best way to do things, but ultimately it must result in putting our hands on it and doing the heavy lifting.

Several months ago we all spent some time on the mountain learning about leadership best practices, about change management, about how to best lead lions, turtles, monkeys and camels, from some of the best leaders in the country. We all gained a lot of head and heart knowledge on the subject of leadership. Now that you are all back at home it’s time to put some of that knowledge into practice in your everyday life. Take some time this week to go back and look over what you learned up on the mountain and choose one leadership lesson that you are going to put into practice.

You will be the leader that you act like. It is our actions as leaders that define us. Go be the leader you know how to be!

Looking forward to seeing you on the mountain!

Alan Kemper

Assistant Professor of Business at Point University Board Member, Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership

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