Volume 4, Issue 2

February 2015

Blue Ridge Conference

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October 14 - 16, 2015

Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership

Black Mountain, NC

United Breaks Guitars

(and your leadership skills can make or Break you!)

I just returned from Training Magazine’s 38th annual Training 2015 Conference & Expo held in Atlanta, Georgia.  Over 1,000 trainers, consultants, HR managers and facilitators from around the world converged on Atlanta for this four-day conference.  The keynote speaker who most resonated with me was a gentleman by the name of Dave Carroll.

Most people who have spent even a little time on YouTube are aware of Dave.  In 2009, he faced a difficult customer service issue with United Airlines (they broke his guitar by throwing it around on the tarmac.)  When he did not receive any support from the airline, he penned a small song, made a simple video, and released it to YouTube.  You can view the video here.

It became an instant viral hit.  Today more than 150 million people have been introduced to his story.  The point is simple…today’s end users have a multitude of ways to share their dissatisfaction with their audience.

Take that lesson and apply it to your leadership skills!  If you are a poor leader, how will your employees respond?  Some will still gossip at the water cooler, some will transfer out, and some may even resort to sabotaging your career.  All you have to do to prevent this is to be the BEST leader you can be.

It’s not easy.  But the Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership can help!

Every October, we meet in beautiful Black Mountain, NC, and share leadership stories of our own that are designed to engage and inspire leaders.  We hope you can join us this Fall – and remember - United can “break guitars”, but your leadership skills can make or break YOU!

 -Pete Blank


 The contributor to this month's newsletter is Pete Blank. 

Board Member, Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership

Training and Development Division Manager

Personnel Board of Jefferson County


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