Volume 3, Issue 8

August 2014

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What Motivates You?

 What motivates you to do the things you do? What motivates you to work as you do? If you are a leader of others, do you know what motivates those around you to work as they do? Is it the money, or mere love of the job? Is it the belief that what you are doing makes a difference? What is it? Of course, for this article, I am assuming you love your work and what you do for a living. But the fact is, even if we love what we do, sometimes we need motivation to get through the everyday circumstances of our work and life.

 My oldest boy, Eli, 6, went to his first golf camp this summer. As a kid, I went to sports camps. My Dad was a college basketball coach/athletic director so sports were a BIG part of my life. On the first day, Eli was nervous to say the least. Out of my 4 kids, he’s my shy guy. He always approaches new things cautiously, even when he’s excited about it. Well, my oldest child, Sarah, (a golf camp veteran), saw that he was nervous and said, “Hey bud, don’t be nervous. It’s a lot of fun. You know the best part? You get cookies!” Boy, Eli perked right up when she said that. I took him down to Old Atlanta Country Club where Dave Anderson, the golf pro there, teaches kids golf. He and I are good friends and he’s Sarah’s coach. I introduced Dave to Eli and Dave said boisterously, “Well, Hi Eli!! Ready to play some golf? Eli looked up under the bill of his cap and said quietly, “Are we going to get cookies?” Dave burst out laughing. “Cookies?!?!?! (Looking up at Sarah) So you heard about my cookies, huh?” Eli just sheepishly nodded his head. Dave looked up at me and winked, then said, “We sure are and we are going to play golf too.” And Eli took a big breath and off they went to the putting green. I wish I had taken a picture of them walking together. (To be honest, I wanted to go too. I love golf…)

 You know, everyday, Eli learned more and more about Golf. He also learned how great cookies taste after playing golf too. Those cookies were great motivators! Eli’s team won the challenges every day of the camp. And the winners got not one cookie, but 3 cookies. You read that right, 3 cookies. (Ha.) To hear Eli describe those cookies made your mouth water. But, Eli’s description of playing golf was the same way. He left that camp loving the game of golf. He gets mad at me if I’m watching it on TV and haven’t invited him to join me. I’ve already taken him out to play a round. Thinking he would last a few holes at best, he shocked Sarah and me when he played all 18 holes. He put into practice all the things that Dave taught him. I know because Sarah had already been through his teachings and I would see the same thing in Eli. And when Eli found out that my favorite golf snack is a Snicker bar, his motivation to play went up a notch. Now he’s asking to play everyday!

 My point is simple. If you want to succeed personally in the workplace, understand what motivates you do be your best and employ that in your life. If you are a manager or leader of others in your life or workplace, find out what motivates them. It may be different than your motivator. Find it. Tune into it. Employ it for yourself and to those around you. You will enjoy life and your work a whole lot more and you will bring out the best in those around you as well. You just might end up putting a plate of cookies or snicker bars by the water cooler.

Have a great August!

  Dr. Jeff Heath

Partner/CFO, High Point Resources, LLC

Managing Partner/CEO, Heathland Enterprises, LLC


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